Barcelona Airport Control Tower

1 August 2023

A new control tower platform at the Barcelona Airport was being built and protection of the corrugated reinforcing steel was needed. The platform is the base to the 44.55 meter (48.72 yd) tall control tower facilities and service. Cortec® Corporation’s MCI® Coating for Rebar NT was the selected corrosion protection product, which was applied directly to the corrugated steel. The product was chosen for its ease of usein areas with limited access. In order to completely protect the platform slab, which measures 518.4 cubic meters (678.08 yd3), 152 liters (40.15 gal) of MCI® Coating for Rebar NT was needed. The recommended dry film thickness for this case was 25 microns (1 mil.) The product cures as a non-sticky, soft film that eventually hardens. MCI® Coating for Rebar NT has been tested for effect on adhesion of concrete with reinforcement in accordance with standard ASTM A944-99. The results of this test were exceptionally good, confirming this product does not interfere with the bond strength of corrugated steel reinforced concrete. The concrete for the tower was poured during the days following the application of MCI® Coating for Rebar NT.