Preservation of Kårstø Gas Treatment Plant in Norway

1 August 2023

Kårstø is a gas treatment plant operated by Statoil. It handles rich gas being sent through pipelines from offshore installations. After treatment, lean gas is piped into continental Europe while natural gas liquids (NGLs) are shipped out in carriers. Kårstø also receives condensate (light oil) for stabilization and storage before export by ship. The facility ranks as Europe’s largest processor and exporter of NGLs and condensate. Statoil was expanding the Kårstø plant. During the expansion, Cortec’s distriubutor was given the total responsibility for preservation. This included engineering the preservation program, supplying the products, as well as applying and maintaining the program.

1. Cortec® Emitters VpCI®-101, VpCI®-110, and VpCI®-150 were installed in electrical enclosures located in corrosive environments.
2. Cortec® VpCI®-323 was used as an oil additive in gearboxes and in pump transmissions.
3. Cortec® VpCI®-368 and VpCI®-369 were sprayed on painted and machined surfaces as additional protection.
4. Cortec® VpCI®-423 was sprayed on corroded stainless steel surfaces and washed off by Cortec® VpCI®-416 and water.
5. Cortec® VpCI®-609 was fogged in vessels and pipe systems at a typical dosage of 0.5 kg per cubic meter. VpCI®- 609 was also added at a dosage of 2-3% to water used for hydrotesting of carbon steel pipe systems.

The preservation contractor described preservation methods and which products to use on the project. Cortec® was the only company able to provide environmentally sound products with  a broad spectrum of applications. The one stop ‘Total Corrosion Protection’ solution concept made it simple for the customer to deal with only one vendor. Cortec’s past success with similar applications and projects was continued