Tank Hydrostatic Testing and Metal Clamp Protection

1 August 2023

The customer required corrosion protection of boat tanks, metal clamps, and nuts during hydrostatic testing using salt water from the sea.

After filling up 1/3 of the volume of the boat tanks, 100 ml/m3 of VpCI®-645 was added. The tanks were then filled to the top with sea water. After draining, the tanks were rinsed with fresh water. Metal clamps were protected with a layer of VpCI®-369, which provides excellent protection in an aggressive environment.

Cortec’s VpCI®-645 is a concentrate that is biodegradable and environmentally acceptable. After hydrostatic testing, it was safe to discharge treated salt water back into the sea. VpCI®-645 does not contain any nitrates or amines, so it did not need government permits for usage. The combination of Cortec’s VpCI®-369 and VpCI®-645 offered the most economical and environmentally friendly products for efficient corrosion protection