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Damages from corrosion in shipbuilding or the ones that occur in the exploitation of various vessels are especially harsh. Corrosion
protection of such structures and constructions make a big part of the cost of manufacturing process. Since all structural metals in certain circumstances are prone to corrosion, the economy is generating significant losses
Marine and Shipbuilding Industries


Inhibitors are used in various applications in shipbuilding, offshore and marine industry. Very often in structures that are present in these industries there are parts that are difficult to access or can even be completely inaccessible for quality and long-lasting protection against corrosion. In these cases the most efficient and economical technical solution is the use of VpCI® corrosion inhibitors.

VpCI® corrosion inhibitors manufactured by Cortec® Corporation, world leader in innovative corrosion protection solutions are a special group of inhibitors that protect the metals from atmospheric corrosion and are able to stop corrosion at a molecular level. These organic substances vaporize and travel to all parts of the metal surfaces reaching even inaccessible areas. After contact with the metal surface, vapor condenses into air and forms a thin monomolecular film that protects the metal . Protective layer re-heals and self-replenishes through further condensation of the vapor. VpCI® reaches every area the metal part, protecting its exterior as well as hard-toreach interior surfaces. It provides complete product protection during storage as well as during domestic and overseas shipments

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The ship is a complex structure that is exposed to very aggressive marine environment (Figure 2). Since it has to submit large and variable loadings, parts of the structure are derived from a number of brackets, frames, stiffeners and reinforcements. Those parts of the structure are difficult for proper preparation and coatings protection. In these cases the application of corrosion inhibitors is best available solution on the market and is becoming a common practice as VpCI® inhibitors are found to be the best solution of corrosion protection for shipbuilding and marine industries.

VpCI® inhibitors are successfully and increasingly used in shipbuilding and marine industries due to their specific action such as filling the space and creating a protective film on the metal surface, which prevents contact with the environment and the media as well as their ability to protect hard to reach areas. They are highly recommended for protection of inaccessible areas of marine structures such as: keel, rudder (and inside of the rudder), rubbing strip etc. They are also applicable and highly efficient in the protection of pipelines, marine and naval equipment as well as electrical contacts. The inhibited layer is constantly replenished so that no regeneration of the protection system is needed

Protection of closed dry areas and void spaces

Indoor spaces on ships are exposed to aggressive impacts of atmosphere that contains a high level of chloride due to the proximity of the sea, high humidity levels and frequent changes in temperature which contributes to severe corrosion of the ship hull. Under these conditions a protection with conventional coatings does not meet required durability due to their inability to reach and protect all areas of the metal. Application of VpCI® corrosion inhibitors is the most convenient way to protect such areas. VpCI® when placed in an enclosed space, vapors and the molecules reach into any openings, pores and cavities of metal equipment.

VpCI® inhibitors can be applied by spraying, fogging or sprinkling. After application, the areas need to be properly closed. The fogging is achieved by using a low pressure hose and can also be used for conventional blasting systems. The dosage or amount of the inhibitor for corrosion protection depends on the size of the area that needs to be protected as well as conditions in that area and the expected durability of protection

Temporary protection of equipment in the construction phase of the ship and storage

VpCI® inhibitors provide excellent protection in the phase of ship construction as well as equipping and assembly phase. The equipment is wrapped in VpCI® film Inhibitors and therefore isolated from the harsh effects of the marine environment. The construction of the ship is a time consuming job, while the shipyards have a constant problem with lack of space. For these reasons the equipment that has to be installed on the ship is often left in the outside environment. In these cases the equipment needs to be wrapped in Cortec® films which provide strong corrosion prevention. If equipment is covered with regular plastic film the package condenses and builds up moisture that also
causes corrosion. By placing a VpCI® corrosion inhibitor in the cover, this moisture that occurs would be filled with vapor inhibitors and non-corrosive to equipment.

This method of corrosion protection is applied for temporary protection of equipment during shipment or storage. It is especially recommend for ocean transport, where the equipment is exposed to very aggressive impacts of the marine environment and the humidity inside the cargo ship space

The use of corrosion inhibitors in the preparation of metal surfaces

Abrasive cleaning (shot blasting, sand blasting) is very expensive and not always acceptable method of preparation. It can also be very hazardous to environment. Surface preparation with high pressure water jetting (HPWJ) is more environmentally friendly solution. This method is particularly suitable for the repair of old coating systems because water pressure can be regulated so that only removes poorly adhered, damaged coatings.

The lack of this method is corrosion of the treated surface since the steel used as shipbuilding material is not resistant to water. For this reason VpCI® inhibitor is applied in the water which prevents the appearance of corrosion. The inhibitor makes the water non-aggressive for bare steel surface.
Marine and Shipbuilding Industries


VpCI® inhibitors are widely used for temporary protection of products during downtime, storage and transportation.
The creation of mono- molecular inhibiting layer that protects even inaccessible areas
If the VpCI® layer is disrupted mechanically or by opening the closed area, the layer is continuously replenished by evaporation
Multifunctional products
More effective protection
Environmental Safety
Easy application
Improved health, safety, and pollution control
Elimination of extra processing steps: in most cases there is no need to remove the VpCI®/MCI® product
Extended equipment life.
Little or no surface preparation
Prevents further corrosion of ferrous surfaces
VpCI®-layer does not have to be removed prior to processing or use;
Does not interfere with operation of mechanical components;
Does not contain silicones, phosphates, nitrites or heavy metals.
Strong absorbent protective layer protects the metal from corrosion agents (atmosphere, H2 S, acidity, alkaline environment, salt, etc..) It physically protects the metal surface and prevents contact between fluid and metal. In addition it prevents ions to migrate from the surface of the metal in the solution. The protective layer is maintained and protected even at low pH value.

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