Your Corrosion Inhibitor PartnerDeyap

We offer professional solutions to your corrosion problems with our experienced staff.

In ProductionDeyap

All the products required to prevent corrosion of your parts during the production phase of your company are offered to your use.

In StorageDeyap

We are at your side to protect your valuable products you produce or your machines that you have stopped using against corrosion during storage.

Packaging and TransportationDeyap

Contact us for effective corrosion protection of your products during packaging and transportation.

Periodic maintenanceDeyap

We are at your side with our periodic maintenance products against corrosion in factory systems, reinforced concrete buildings, aviation, marine industries.

Packaging Consultancy

If you are not sure which packaging product you need, we can help. We assess the impact of moisture, static, residue, UV light or other pests and recommend the right product for your needs.

On-site Packaging Service

Especially for products that will be shipped under harsh conditions or stored for long periods of time, our team of experts in VpCI packaging ensures that your products are protected in your facilities.

Corrosion Inhibition Consultancy

We visit your facility, look at the machines in your inventory to be corrosion protected and make our product and equipment recommendations based on specific deterioration levels and storage conditions & duration.

Customized Production

All VpCI bag & film, paper and lamination products in our product range can be produced in standard sizes as well as special sizes according to the needs of our customers.

Our company, which realized the supply (1992), production and project design (1995) of VpCI for the first time in Turkey, offers customized services to the demands of its customers in its 2500 m² production area located in Kocaeli Dilovası.


Deniz Yapı San.Tic. A.S.DEYAP

Deniz Yapi Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. in 1992 to carry out corrosion prevention and surface cleaning works, DEYAP is the Turkish distributor and licensor of the world's leading companies Cortec Corporation and Mykal.
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Corrosion ProtectionDEYAP

Corrosion is a constant indiscriminate and costly enemy of metal, especially when packaging for storage and transportation.

Traditional corrosion prevention methods are costly and ineffective. They can be hazardous to personnel and the environment.

Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) technology represents a breakthrough solution in corrosion prevention. Our VpCI products protect metals with a chemically absorbed molecular layer that provides multi-metal corrosion protection. All surfaces, crevices, gaps, voids and other inaccessible empty spaces receive full protection. The VpCI barrier is self-renewing, even for repeatedly opened packages, and typically provides protection for up to 24 months.

Transportation Protection

Corrosion costs billions of dollars during the transportation of products. When water, moisture and oxygen come together, products are quickly exposed to corrosion. Especially in harsh sea and winter conditions, products become even more vulnerable to corrosion.

Long Term Storage

Corrosion becomes the biggest enemy, especially when products to be stored for long periods of time are not protected.

With DEYAP's environmentally friendly, highly efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-use VpCI bags and dehumidifiers, your products become resistant to harsh transportation conditions.

Outdoor Protection

The exteriors of production facilities, buildings, machinery located outside are areas open to corrosion formation.

DEYAP continues to provide services with all its knowledge and experience for the protection of all structures and products that have corrosion risk in the outdoor areas of companies.


Not Production,
Stop Corrosion!DEYAP

Take a look at our products for all the measures you can take against corrosion in your business...

Our CatalogsDEYAP

You can review the catalogs containing information about corrosion inhibitors in all sectors DEYAP serves.

What is VpCI?DEYAP

All corrosion inhibitor VpCI® products, whether used indoors or outdoors, work on the same principle: they protect metals from corrosion with the corrosion inhibiting vapor they emit.

The protection process starts when the vapor meets the metal surface and condenses, forming a thin layer of micro-crystals on it. The protective ions are absorbed by the metal surfaces and form a thin layer of molecules that prevent the connection between the metal and an electrolyte. The presence of an invisible layer of monomolecules does not remove any of the important properties of the metal; this is true even for the most sensitive electronic applications where conductivity, magnetic permeability or dimensional tolerance are crucial, and where the slightest deviations can lead to failure.

VCI products do not need to be applied directly to be effective; they provide protection through "evaporation". VCI products condense and are absorbed by all metal surfaces, including the most difficult to reach and recessed areas. Within reasonable limits, the VCI product provides protection that renews itself over and over again.

Solved ProblemsDEYAP

Barcelona Airport Control Tower
Barcelona Airport Control Tower
A new control tower platform at the Barcelona Airport was being built and protection of the corrugated reinforcing steel was needed. The platform is the base to the 44.55 meter (48.72 yd) tall control tower facilities and service. Cortec® Corporation’s MCI® Coating for Rebar NT was the selected corrosion protection product, which was applied directly...
Protection of Electrical Cabinets
Protection of Electrical Cabinets
Lockheed-Martin, Atlas 5 – Fırlatma Pisti, Cape Canaveral, Florida: Müşteri, roket fırlatma rampasına yakın 11 kontrol panelinden üçünün tel terminal bloğu bağlantı noktalarında korozyon belirtileri göstermeye başladığını fark etti.
Preservation of Kårstø Gas Treatment Plant in Norway
Preservation of Kårstø Gas Treatment Plant in Norway
Kårstø, Statoil tarafından işletilen bir gaz arıtma tesisidir. Açık deniz tesislerinden boru hatlarıyla gönderilen zengin gazı işler.


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