Protection of Electrical Cabinets

1 August 2023


Lockheed-Martin, Atlas 5 – Launch Pad, Cape Canaveral, Florida: The client found that three out of 11 control panels close to their rocket launch pad were beginning to show signs of corrosion at the wire terminal block connection points.

They realized that the three cabinets were the only ones that had no Cortec® inhibitor protection, while the other cabinets were protected with VpCI®-111 Emitters and were showing no corrosion at all. They also realized at that time that the exterior stainless steel cabinets were being attacked by corrosion.

The Cortec® solution for the unprotected cabinets was to spray the interior with VpCI®-239 and install VpCI®-111 Emitters inside the cabinets. The client acknowledged the need for the corrosion protection of the cabinet’s exterior surface and planned to send for evaluation and approval per Cortec’s recommendation to use VpCI®-386 Clear. After 2 years, the emitter protected cabinets still showed no signs of corrosion. The client was impressed and eager to maintain the same level of protection in all their un-protected cabinets.