About UsOur Social Compliance PolicyDEYAP

Our social compliance policy includes issues that are based on our fundamental principles and values, in which we act with a sense of social responsibility in all our activities, and which we create by working as a team.

Our Social Compliance PolicyDEYAP

Our social compliance policy includes the issues that are based on our fundamental principles and values, that we act with the awareness of social responsibility in all our activities, and that we create by carrying out as a team work.

Our goal is to ensure that our Social Compliance Policy and principles become a corporate culture within Deniz Yapı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. For this reason, social compliance standards have been established and started to be implemented. In addition to creating products and services with these social compliance standards, this policy undertakes to provide all the rights of its employees arising from the standards within the framework of the laws, to comply with occupational health and safety rules, to be sensitive to the environment, to create a workplace where open and honest communication, respect and value are seen among employees. Our social compliance policy is announced to all our employees through trainings, and our suppliers and customers are informed through our web page.

Within the scope of this policy, no retaliation or punitive action is taken against employees who express their concerns, worries and complaints, and the suggestion, wish and complaint boxes created to express these concerns and worries are used. Employees can put all kinds of opinions, requests, complaints and suggestions in the boxes and these are opened, evaluated and evaluated by the Quality Officer and necessary improvement, corrective and preventive works are carried out for areas open to improvement.

The issues we base our Social Compliance practices on are as follows;

Forced Labor (Voluntary Labor), Child Labor (Underage Workers), Discrimination (Equitable Approach), Working Hours and Wages (Wage / Salary), Health and Safety, Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Human Trafficking, Rest Days and Holidays, Recruitment and Employment, Employment Contract (Employer Contract), Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining, Worker Discipline, Harassment and Inhuman Treatment, Suggestion and Complaint System.

1. Forced Labor (Voluntary Labor)

Our workplace prohibits forced labor.

2.Child Labor (Underage Workers)

Our workplace adheres to the minimum age provisions of applicable laws and regulations. Our workplace prohibits the employment of persons under the age of 18 in positions requiring hazardous work. Our workplace’s prohibition on child labor complies with the Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law and other legal regulations and International Labor Organization standards.

3. Discrimination (Equalitarian Approach)

Our workplace values all its employees and their contributions. We do not accept discrimination among employees within the organization based on language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons.

4.Working Hours and Wages (Wage / Salary)

Our workplace compensates its employees according to the industry and the local labor market. This is done in full compliance with applicable laws and labor contracts regarding wages, working hours, overtime and fringe benefits.

5.Health and Safety

Our company ensures the creation and protection of a safe and healthy workplace environment. By minimizing the risk of accidents, injuries and exposure to all kinds of factors that threaten health, our Company aims to create and maintain a safe, healthy and productive work environment for our employees. Our company takes care to provide a workplace environment free from violence, harassment, threats and disturbing conditions.

6. Engagement with Society and Stakeholders

The Company is committed to establishing ties with its stakeholders on the basis of goodwill by listening to their views, obtaining information from their views and taking their views into consideration. In this context, it determines employee representatives in accordance with the legal legislation, creates an environment where employees can discuss their problems with the representatives and allows them to submit their suggestions in writing to the suggestion boxes. It commits to establish a dialog with its stakeholders on workplace rights issues related to the workplace and within its sphere of influence, where appropriate.

7.Human Trafficking

The company cannot employ illegal workers. If an employee quits his/her job, the company cannot prevent or postpone it, except for any security reasons. Any information of the employee is protected and kept confidential to the extent specified by law.

8. Rest Days and Holidays

Employees cannot be deprived of rest and vacation days within the framework of their legal rights.

9.Recruitment and Employment

Open positions needed by the company management are determined and employment is carried out by the company management in accordance with the law and within the framework of certain rules (egalitarian approach, leave, wages, vacation, employment contract, etc.).

10.Labor Contract (Employer Contracts)

An “Employment Contract” is prepared between the Company and the person to be employed, in accordance with the workplace and laws, and containing the conditions offered to the candidate personnel. The “Employment Contract” is signed by the personnel who accept to start work.

11. Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining

Company management will respect the rights of employees to organize, form or join trade unions.

12.Worker Discipline

Disciplinary rules determined by the disciplinary board are applied by the Company in order to ensure disciplined work. The Company may not impose wage deduction sanctions in any way to discipline its employees.

13. Harassment and Inhuman Treatment

4857 numbered labor law “Prevention of Harassment & Abuse & Misconduct and Discrimination” policy and undertakes to comply with it.

14. Suggestion and Complaint System

In our company, our employees can submit their suggestions and complaints to the suggestion boxes within the company as well as verbally to the relevant authorized person, Quality Responsible and Factory Manager.

This policy is a commitment that DEYAP will fulfill all its responsibilities for a better future and has been prepared to share with all our employees and all our stakeholders.


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Quality Certificate

ISO 9001

  • Cortec Corporation

DEYAP has documented its quality studies by obtaining ISO 9001 quality certificate in 2003. As of 2018, the Quality Management System has been updated as ISO-9001:2015.

Cortec Corporation is one of the first quality certified companies in the world. Cortec has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Laboratory Test Accreditation.


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As DEYAP, our policies in various fields are as follows.

01Quality Policy

DEYAP considers and adopts the understanding of quality as the assurance of the company's future. All our resources and activities are planned and implemented to ensure customer satisfaction.

02Occupational Health and Safety

As Deniz Yapi Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., we aim to minimize all possible accidents by creating a safe and healthy work environment in all our activities.

03Our Environmental Policy

As an organization aware of its responsibilities towards society, its employees and the environment;
-To implement good waste management within the framework of our responsibilities and to minimize our damages to the environment,

04Our Social Compliance Policy

Our social compliance policy includes issues that are based on our fundamental principles and values, in which we act with a sense of social responsibility in all our activities, and which we have created through teamwork

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DEYAP senior management will do all necessary work to implement the Ethics, Fair Trade, Compliance and Integrity Policy and ensure the continuity of this policy...

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The purpose of this Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, developed as an integral part of DEYAP's ethical principles and sustainability goals...

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Our most valuable capital is our human resources and all our human resources form the links of a chain. With this understanding, we believe that the knowledge we have will only turn into power when it spreads to the grassroots.

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DEYAP supports all efforts to promote and protect competition, including the legitimate protection of intellectual property rights and marketing rights...
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