MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film


A heavy duty film that inhibits corrosion on multiple metal types through contact-, barrier-, and vapor-phase protection. The film has high ultraviolet (UV) light protection to maintain the integrity of the film itself as well as the parts packaged within. It is effective in severe outdoor climates and can be shrink-wrapped for a custom fit. Recyclable.


MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film can replace conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants. Parts protected with MilCorr® are ready to use with no additional cleaning and/or degreasing necessary, saving you time and money.

Metal parts packaged in MilCorr® receive continuous protection against salt air and humid environments, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres, and dissimilar metal corrosion. The corrosion inhibitors vaporize and condense on all metal surfaces within the enclosed space, and diffuse to every area of your part; protecting its exterior as well as void spaces and
recessed areas. You get complete product storage protection as well as during domestic and overseas shipments, virtually eliminating any rust claims. MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film, in conjunction with other Cortec® products, provides a total turnkey preservation for long term outdoor storage



• Provides UV protection for outdoor storage
• Multimetal corrosion inhibition providing contact-, barrier-, and vaporphase protection.
• Superior mechanical properties
• Will shrink using a wide variety of shrink tools including electric and propane heat guns
• Provides a unitized, tight, and tamper-proof load
• Extra protection for outdoor storage and export shipments
• Effective in severe outdoor climates
• Immediate use of protected object upon removal
• Recyclable and non-toxic



MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film is compatible with and protects the following metals:

;• Steel
• Solder
• Iron
• Aluminum
• Brass
• Copper
• Nickel

For metals not specifically listed above, please contact Cortec® for information regarding their protection.


1.Measure unit and determine amount of film needed, allowing at least 12” overlap at all seams.
2. Lay out film in desired preparation area, making sure it is clean and dry.
3.Place vehicle or equipment on film.
4.Pad off any sharp edges and corners.
5.Wrap or Shroud equipment with film.
6.Use shrink tape to attach loose ends onto film/equipment.
7.Carefully apply heat and shrink film to desired fit.

Typical shrink temperature range: 340°-440°F (171°-227°C)
Typical sealing temperature: 240°-320°F (116°-160°C)





• Military vehicles and equipment preservation
• Mothball preservation of industrial equipment
• Export packaging of expensive larger equipment
• Heavy equipment covers
• Recreational vehicle (boats, snowmobiles, etc.) preservation
• Pallet shrouds


UV Weathering Testing
• ASTM G 53-93 UV Weathering Test*
*Note. Test is in process. No corrosion or degradation of the film was
observed after 3+ years of exposure.

Corrosion Testing
• Cortec VIA Test: Pass
• Cortec Razor Blade Test: Pass
• Cortec SO2 Corrosion Test: Pass
• Cortec F-12 Cycling Corrosion Test: Pass

Water Vapor Transmission Rate (MOCON)
• ASTM F-1249
• 100% RH, 1000F (37.80C




MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film is available in a standard size of 20’ x 210’ x 0.010” sheeting (6.1 x 64.1m x 250 microns). Contact a DEYAP Representative for other sizes and constructions. Now available in widths up to 30’ (9.2m). Film should be stored indoors at ambient conditions, and sealed in original packaging. Under these conditions, shelf life is up to 24 months