Airbed® provides absolute protection for your products that are likely to break, preventing any damage that may occur. Thus, your product is delivered to your customer undamaged and your product returns are minimized.


Airbed®, an innovative and impressive packaging method, allows you to quickly pack your product by easily inflating during use. It will be the most accurate packaging choice for all kinds of products at risk of breakage. Thanks to its inflated air channels, it definitely prevents any problems that may arise during transportation. Since it is pressure resistant, it can be easily used in air cargo.

It offers product-specific solutions in different forms and sizes to protect your products during transportation and storage.

Reduces Cost

Aired®, supplied un-inflated, can save you up to 90% of your storage costs. In this way, you can use your storage space more effectively. Thanks to its easy application, it reduces your costs by increasing your packaging efficiency with low labor force.

When you decide to use Airbed® products, you will not incur any investment costs other than Airbed® inflation apparatus.



  • RecyclingMade from 100% recyclable materials. Environmentally friendly. Does not leave toxic waste, gives little waste, thus producing less packaging waste.


  • Maximum ProtectionIt minimizes damages that may occur during transportation and storage and provides a definitive solution against damaged returns after sales.

    It acts as an airbag and absorbs impacts in falls and bumps. It minimizes the risk of damage by wrapping the product with its air-inflated columns.


    It can be produced in desired shapes and sizes other than standard sizes. You can use it as bags or sheets in different sizes.

    Fast and Easy Application

    Easily inflated with a compressor or hand pump. Increases your packaging speed with easy application.