Stretch Film


Stretch film is a transparent packaging material known as plastic. It increases its durability by containing different materials and offers a high quality performance.


It is a packaging product consisting of different types of PVC and polyethylene. It tightly wraps the packaged products and protects them from external factors. It provides great convenience in transportation and storage.

Stretch film shrinks and loosens when heat is applied. This product is used for packing loads as well as for packing small, many products. According to the demands of the customers; It is produced as internal or external slippery, single-sided or double-sided adhesive. Stretch film, which is usually colorless and transparent, is also produced in different colors, sizes and thicknesses depending on the demands.

What are Stretch Film Features?

– It is an economical product.
– It is transparent, does not leave odor and taste in the packaged products.
– It saves time and labor.
– Protects the packaged products from external factors such as rain, wind and moisture, as well as pests.
– Stretch film has a strong and flexible structure and takes the shape of the packaged product.
– It wraps products with sharp edges without tearing or damaging them.
– Since it is an adhesive product, there is no need to take any other action and fix the products.
– It is resistant to cold and heat.
– It is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
– It has high carrying, adhesion and elongation strength.

What are the Benefits of Stretch Film?

It keeps many products together and stable.
It ensures that the packaged foods are kept intact.
It prevents the materials from being scattered and damaged during transportation and handling.
Protects the packaged products from dirt, dust and moisture.
Provides convenience during storage and transportation of products.
Thanks to its flexibility, it provides great convenience in wrapping products with sharp corners.
It protects the products from harmful sun rays and acts as a filter.
It is preferred for long-distance transportation and long-term storage of packaged products.
It is economical and safe for packaging bottled products.

It is preferred because it does not cause odor and trace in products covered with stretch film.