Cortec® VpCI®-105 emitters are unique devices designed to provide corrosion protection for metal components and parts enclosed in non-ventilated control boxes, cabinets, or tool boxes up to 5 cubic feet (141.6liters). The VpCI®-105 device emits Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors, which form a protective coating on all metal surfaces.


VpCI®-105 is a patented plastic emitter with a breathable Tyvek®* membrane through which the corrosion inhibitor is released. It provides long-term protection against corrosion even in the presence of adverse conditions including salt, moisture, airborne contaminants, H2S, SO2, NH3, and others.



VpCI®-105 can be effectively used for the protection of metal in any enclosure:

• Packaging and storage electrical equipment
• Marine navigation and communication electronic equipment
• Aerospace electrical controls
• Electric motors
• Switching equipment
• Fuse boxes and power boxes
• Medical equipment
• Electrical wireways and terminal boxes
• Scientific and measuring instruments
• Telecommunications equipment• Remote electronics devices
• Hand-held battery-operated devices
• Tool-boxes, gun safes, and any other enclosure for metal storage



• Economical to use
• Provides continuous protection for up to 24 months
• Effective in polluted and humid environments
• Does not interfere with electrical, optical, or mechanical surface properties
• Multimetal protection
• Quick and easy installation
• Protects during operation and shutdown
• Safe to handle
• Compact, space-saving, and unobtrusive device
• Free of nitrites, halogens, and phosphates
• No spraying, wiping, or dipping required
• Self-stick back
• Self-stick date label
• Accepted by FDA for corrosion protection of electrical and
electronic equipment within food processing plants
• Approved for U.S. military and NATO
• NSN 6850-01-406-2060


VpCI®-105 is extremely simple and convenient to install. The device should be installed at the earliest possible time. Simply select a space within any enclosure where corrosion protection would be useful. Verify the surface the device will be affixed to is clean and free of debris. Peel off the protective peel strip from the bottom of the device and attach it to the clean surface. VpCI®-105 emitters can be installed in any position. For volumes greater than 5 cubic feet (141.6 liters), use more than one device. If the enclosure is not totally airtight, or if the access doors are opened frequently, replace the VpCI®-105 device more often than every 2 years. After periods of heavy maintenance, replace the device. For additional protection spray the enclosure very lightly with ElectriCorr® VpCI®-238 or VpCI®-239.



20 per carton
Protection up to 5 ft3 (141.6 Liters) per device
Standard Size Plastic emitter cup with breathable membrane
2.25” D x 0.75” H (5.7 cm D x 2 cm H)

Product should not be exposed to temperatures over 185°F (85°C)