VpCI-415 is a heavy-duty biodegradable water-based alkaline cleaner and degreaser offering unique flash corrosion protection. VpCI-415 can provide corrosion protection for up to 6 months during indoor storage. VpCI-415 is formulated to meet the requirements for cleaning and corrosion protection of aircraft


The compounds contained in VpCI-415 function by altering hydrocarbons so that the deposits can be removed with water. VpCI-415 can be metered into power washers, steam cleaners, dip tanks and other cleaning equipment. Along with good detergent properties, VpCI-415 is hard water stable. While most cleaning compounds available on the market today are simple blends of surfactants and detergents which limit their cleaning effectiveness, VpCI-415 offers improved cleaning plus multimetal corrosion protection action in one step, resulting in significant savings. VpCI-415 has the unique ability to remove such deposits as heavy hydrocarbons, grease, drawing, buffing machinery compounds.


• Biodegradable
• Heavy-duty chemical cleaner and degreaser with unique cleaning action for removing hydrocarbon deposits
• Provides temporary multimetal corrosion protection
• Provides exceptional resistance to pitting corrosion
• Non-toxic, non-corrosive and does not contain nonylphenolethoxylates
• Provides excellent cleaning action at low temperatures
• Mild foaming
• Exhibits hard water tolerance
• Formulation remains stable during freeze-thaw cycle
• Conforms to:
• Tested:
ASTM D 2240
ASTM F 483-90
ASTM F 484-93
ASTM F 485-98
ASTM F 502-93 F
ASTM F 519-93 Type 1C
ASTM F 1104-87
ASTM F 1110-90
ASTM F 1111-88


• Aircraft
• Machinery contaminated with oils
• Sheet metal coated with temporary protective oils or waxes prior to painting
• Metal parts contaminated with stamping, drawing or buffing compounds

VpCI-415 can be applied with any conventional equipment including sprayers, dipping tanks, steam cleaners and power washers.

Heavy-duty Cleaning and Corrosion Protection:
1 part VpCI-415 to 4 parts water.

Normal Cleaning (i.e. parts washing):
1 part VpCI-415 to 10 parts water.

Light Cleaning (i.e. rinsing):
1 part VpCI-415 to 20 parts water.