Cor-Pak® VpCI® Reinforced Paper


Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper is the premium corrosion inhibiting reinforced paper in the industry. Our patented Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting technology has revolutionized the way metals are protected in an enclosed package. Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper provides superior corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper eliminates the need to stock a variety of papers for all the different types of metals and alloys you need to protect.

Additionaly, Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper is nontoxic and doesn’t contain any nitrites, phosphates, silicates or other hazardous compounds.


Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper is made from the highest quality neutral natural kraft paper and has excellent tear resistance. It also offers a barrier to water, oil and grease. There are no chemical concentrations to calculate, no chemical tanks or application system to maintain. Just wrap your products in the paper, and fold edges together. Use adhesive tape as needed to hold paper folds in place. The VpCI coating on the paper vaporizes, reaching all metal surfaces to provide complete corrosion protection. The unique inhibiting action of the VpCI forms a very thin and very effective protective layer that does not alter the appearance of products or require removal.

Parts protected with Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper can be painted, welded, and soldered. The protective layer does not influence physical properties of most sensitive electrical components, including conductivity and resistance.


Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper can be used to protect products for storage and shipment in a wide variety of ways: wrap for single item packaging or interleaving; end closures for shipping tubes; insert strips for recessed areas in large packages; and as sheet liners or separators between products. Cor-Pak VpCI Reinforced Paper is used in packaging of metals with pointed, odd shapes or sharp edges where puncture would be an issue with non-reinforced papers. It’s also used in applications where damage to the item
caused during shipping is a concern when using non reinforced papers.

The typical applications are:
• Metals industry: coils, wire reels, plate, bar, etc.
• Metal forging and die casting: raw and machined forgings and castings.
• Metalworking: stamping, sheet metal work, springs, bearings, fasteners, tube, pipe, nails, etc.
• Finished products: engines, machinery, tools, hardware, appliances, instruments, motors, etc.
• Electrical and electronic components, controls, etc.


• Extremely durable paper allows you to ignore normal handling issues found in non-reinforced packaging papers.
• One product for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
• Non-toxic. Contains no nitrites, phosphates, silicones, chromates or other heavy metals.
• Effective against aggressive environments including humidity, SO2, H2S and galvanic corrosion from dissimilar metals.
• Conforms to military specifications MIL-P-3420E.
• Protective layer does not need to be removed prior to further surface finishing or coating application.
• Protects dry or oiled metals during storage, transit and overseas shipment.
• Natural grade paper eliminates package contamination.
• Combines corrosion protection and packaging into one step.


Products should be packaged as soon after cleaning as possible, but completely dried of residual water. Keep the VpCI paper as close to the surface of the product as practical, leaving no barrier between the VpCI paper and the metal surface to be protected. Use approximately 1 square foot (0.09 m²) of VpCI paper for every 3 square feet (0.28 m²) of surface to be
protected, and 1 square foot (0.09 m²) of VpCI paper for every 0.5 cubic foot (0.01 m²) of void space. For longterm storage of up to ten years, enclose the wrapped product in an airtight package.

Standard Construction: Fiber glass reinforced polycoated neutral natural kraft paper, coated with VpCI material.


•Carbon Steel
•Stainless Steel
•Galvanized Steel
•Cast Iron
•Aluminum Alloys
•Brass (≤30% Zn)


Custom sizes and constructions available upon reques