Multimetal VpCI® tablet. Easy to use, dosage is easily adaptable. Manually or automatically inserted. Conforms to MIL-I-22110.


Cor-Pak Tablets provide an extremely efficient dry method of protecting metals within a package. Using VpCI (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology, these easy-to-use tablets provide up to 24 months of corrosion protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The VpCI®s vaporize and then attach to all metal surfaces, reaching even recessed areas. The protective monomulecular layer does not need to be removed prior to processing or operation. In addition, Cor-Pak® Tablets are nitrite, phosphate, and silicate free, making them safe to use and apply.


Cor-Pak Tablets are designed to protect products, components or assemblies when packaged in corrugated boxes, plastic wrap or bags, and metal plastic or wood containers.


• Completed assemblies, parts and components
• Electrical and electronic equipment and controls
• Marine and commercial electronic equipment
• Interiors of lighting fixtures
• Motors and mechanical controls
• Tools, spare parts and components
• Nuts, bolts, nails, screws and fasteners



• Protect up to 0.25 cubic feet (7.1 liters) of enclosed space per tablet
• Easily inserted in packaging by manual or automated systems
• No spraying, wiping, dipping or surface preparation is required
• Vapor phase inhibiting action protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
• If the VpCI layer is disturbed by opening the package, the layer is replenished by continuous vapor protection upon reclosing
• Protected products can be shipped to customers without removing the VpCI layer, since no degreasing or cleaning is required prior to product use
• No regeneration required; effective for up to 24 months
• Protected parts, components and assemblies can be used immediately
• The VpCI layer does not interfere with the operation of most electrical and electronic components
• The most economical form of VpCI insert


Manually or automatically insert Cor-Pak Tablets into the package. Then simply close and seal the package shortly thereafter. For average environmental conditions, one Cor-Pak Tablet should be used for each 0.25 cubic feet (7.1 liters) of enclosed space. For more severe conditions, use two tablets for each 0.25 cubic feet (7.1 liters) of enclosed space


•Carbon Steel
•Stainless Steel


Form Powder in a tablet form
Weight per tablet Approximately 0.03 oz. (0.85g)
Appearance Blue
Special labeling None


For use only when sealed in packaging such as cardboard boxes, plastic wrap or bags, and metal, plastic or wood containers.


Cor-Pak Tablets are packaged approximately 1,000 tablets per bottle, four bottles per carton. Do not store in conditions above 150°F (66°C). The shelf life of Cor-Pak Tablets in unopened bottles is up to 24 months