VpCI®-130 Series Impregnated Foams Patented Multifunctional VpCI®, Desiccant and Antistatic Action


Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams are unique flexible packaging materials that combine VpCI® protection, and desiccant action; plus excellent antistatic capabilities all in one step! You can now eliminate expensive and messy rust preventatives with VpCI®-130 Series Foams. Parts protected are always ready for use; no degreasing or coating removal is required. Application of multifunctional materials such as VpCI®-130 Series Foams results in significant weight and labor savings.


Metal parts packaged with VpCI®-130 Series Foams receive continuous protection against humidity, condensation, aggressive industrial atmospheres, dissimilar metal corrosion (galvanic corrosion), salt air, and residual impurities left after processing.

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Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams are specially designed with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) impregnated throughout the foam’s polymeric matrix. They are excellent for protection of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, and alloys such as: steel, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, solder, silver, etc. VpCI®-130 Series Foams do not change critical physical and/or chemical properties of electronic components, and are suitable for protection of printed circuit boards.



VpCI®-130 Series Foams are nitrite- and chromate-free. The high performance patented formulation of VpCI® provides fast, easy-to use protection even in aggressive overseas shipments. VpCI®-130 Series Foams contain approximately ten (10) times more VpCI® chemical per square foot (square meter) of substrate than the traditional VCI papers and other wrapping materials. This makes the protection of objects with large surface areas possible (i.e.: aluminum and steel coils). The unique combination of high and low vapor pressure VpCIs contained in VpCI®-130 Series Foams affords long-term protection for large export packages, crates, and seagoing containers. Combine VpCI®-130 Foam with Cortec® VpCI®-125/126 film to create a highly effective VpCI® packaging solution.


VpCI®-130 Series Foam forms a strong protection as long as the enclosure remains sealed and there are no barriers between the metal surface and the VpCI® molecules. The placement of the foam is not important as long as it has access to the same air space as the metal to be protected. This product line is not intended to be used for cushioning purposes; excess pressure applied to the foam can wring the inhibitor from the substrate. In some situations this may leave a residue on the surface which will need to be removed with water or rubbing alcohol.




VpCI®-130 Serisi Köpükleri, kapalı alan kapatılmış halde kaldığı sürece güçlü bir koruma sağlamakta olup, metal yüzey ile VpCI® molekülleri arsında bir bariyer bulunmamaktadır. Korunacak metal ile aynı hava boşluğuna erişebildiği sürece köpüğün nereye konulduğu önemli değildir. Bu ürün serisi tamponlama amacı taşımamaktadır; köpüğe fazla baskı uygulandığında alt katmandan önleyici maddenin sıkılıp çıkarılması söz konusu olabilir. Bunun sonucunda bazen yüzeyde kalıntılar birikebilir ve suyla ya da tuvalet ispirtosuyla çıkarılması gerekebilir.



Sizes in Inches (Centimeters) Protection Volume

VpCI 131

2 x10 (5.08 x 25) 1.5 ft3  (.042 m3)

VpCI 132

10×10 (25×25) 8 ft3 (0.23 m3)
VpCI 133 1×1 (2.5×2.5) (adhesive back)

0.25 ft3 (7L)

VpCI 136 1x 1 (2.5 x 2.5)

0.25 ft3 (7L)

VpCI 137 130’ x 4.5’ (39.6m x 1.35m)

10ft3/ft2  (3m3/m2)


• Aluminum
• Galvanized Steel
• Brass
• Solder
• Carbon Steels
• Silver
• Copper
• Zinc



VpCI®-130 Series Foam has a shelf life of 2 years when sealed in the original package. To maintain VpCI® strength, unused foam should be kept sealed in plastic bags





NACE TM 0208-2008 Vapor Inhibiting Ability
NACE RP 0487-2000 Selection of Rust Preventative
MIL-PRF-26514G, Tip 3, Klas II Polyurethane Foam