Kraft, a packaging paper, is a type of paper produced from pure cellulose and can be recycled.


Kraft papers are environmentally friendly as they are recycled and are highly preferred for this. Kraft packaging is frequently used in today’s production and provides many advantages to people thanks to its features. Kraft papers are suitable for use not only in the packages of food products but also in many other areas. Thanks to its very durable structure, it protects the product inside and helps it to be used for a long time. Packaging materials must be both durable and functional as well as having an attractive structure. After the products are packaged, they go through many stages until they reach the buyer, and it is important that the packages are durable while passing these stages. It is extremely important for customers to use that product for a long time after the products reach the buyer in terms of satisfaction. During the production of kraft packaging, that is, during the packaging of the product, the process is carried out by following all the rules and first of all, hygiene rules are paid special attention. Packaging the products under meticulous and hygienic rules benefits both the product inside and the buyer. Kraft paper has been and continues to be a highly preferred paper type due to all these benefits.

Kraft packaging usage areas

Kraft packaging is used in almost every sector today. The areas where kraft packaging is used are as follows:

Car wash services
Gift wrapping
Design departments
Printing products

Kraft packaging adapts to every sector in line with its features and is used a lot.

Kraft packaging features

Kraft packaging is frequently preferred in production thanks to its many positive features. Kraft packaging features are as follows:

Kraft papers are very durable and strong papers.
Kraft packaging has a long shelf life.
It provides less material cost.
Since it can preserve its natural color and texture, no extra bleaching process is required.
Kraft paper is frequently used because it is suitable for recycling.
Special printing can be done on it upon request.
It has a light structure.

Kraft packaging types

Kraft packaging is not a single type of paper, but many kraft papers are used. Kraft paper, which is a packaging product, has diversified and has brought many benefits to production. Kraft packaging types are more than one and the types are as follows:

Vegetable parchment
MG sulfite wrapping paper
MG Pellet
Greaseproof paper
Imitation kraft paper