Desi Pak


Desi Pak dehumidifier packages are an activated clay (bentonite) based, environmentally friendly and low-cost product widely used all over the world in industrial and electronic product packaging, shipment and storage applications.


Bentonite is a calcium-rich natural montmorillonite clay whose layered structure attracts and retains water molecules to its large inner or outer surface layers. Its adsorption capacity and rate are ideal for many packaging applications.

Activated clay is very efficient at normal temperature and relative humidity levels. It has a significant dehumidification capacity even at low relative humidity levels, and its dehumidification capacity increases as the humidity level increases.

It has a moisture absorption capacity of up to 28% of its own weight at 25°C and 80% relative humidity.

In high relative humidity environment, it provides an advantage in handling as it absorbs moisture much slower than silica gel and molecular sieve. It is used in many industrial applications that need moisture control.

Desi Pak products comply with German DIN 55473, JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) and US MIL specifications. According to DIN 55473 Standards, 1 Unit Dehumidifier Package should be able to adsorb 6 g of water vapor for 24 hours under static conditions with 23 ° C Temperature and 40% Relative Humidity. Desi Pak products meet this requirement.

Desi Pak dehumidifier packages are packaged in high density 100 micron HDPE barrier film and an 8% Relative Humidity Indicator Card is placed in each barrier film so that users can visually check the performance of the dehumidifier package. If the color spot on the Humidity Indicator Card turns from blue to pink, the dehumidifier packs are deemed to have lost their performance and the packs in this case will be returned by us and replaced with a new one.

Areas of Use :
Electronic and optical devices
Electric panels
Industrial machinery
Metal products
Automotive spare parts industry
Textile products
Aviation and defense industry
Other industrial areas

Desi Pak Recommended Standard Usage Amount Calculation Table :

Barrier Film (VOLUME) Desi Pak ®
Cubic Meter Unit Requirement (DIN 55473*)
0.004 1/6 (5,5g)
0.008 1/3 (11g)
0.012 1/2 (16,5g)
0.024 1 (33g)
0.048 2 (66g)
0.095 4 (132g)
0.19 8 (264g)
0.38 16 (528g)
0.76 32 (1056g)
1.52 64 (2112g)


* According to DIN 55473 standards, the weight of 1 Unit Dehumidifier Package is approximately 33 g for active clay.
For silicagel, the weight of 1 Unit Dehumidifier Package is approximately 25 g.


* There are certain standards for the determination of Dehumidifier Pack usage quantity. Since many parameters such as the type of product in the package, the properties of the packaging barrier film, moisture permeability coefficient (MVTR), shipment and storage time affect the performance of Desiccant Packages, a decision should be made according to the tests to be performed before serial use.

* Activated clay based dehumidifiers work satisfactorily below 49°C. If storage or shipment above 49° is expected, silica gel or molecular sieve should be used.

Note: Product images are of actual products. On the other hand, due to possible packaging and printing changes in production planning, current product images may change.

WARNING * Inedible. * Keep away from children. * Discard after use.
* Not suitable for use in direct contact with food and medicine.

Technical Specifications
Unit Size 8,5 x 15,5 cm
Unit 4
The Packaging  Bag contains 15 132g (4 u) desiccant packs.
Certification Manufacturer’s note : Certified to German DIN 55473-B standard and logo. Manufactured in accordance with the American MIL-D-3464E standard.