Cor-Pak EX VpCI Film


 Cor-Pak EX VpCI Film is made using high-density polyethylene and extruding with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) to protect ferrous and most non-ferrous metals from corrosion. Simply wrap the metal object with Cor-Pak EX film. The VpCI in the film volatilizes and migrates with air then condenses on all metal surfaces, reaching all exposed and recessed areas.


Cor-Pak EX VpCI Film provides a high level of corrosion inhibitor protection along with the excellent moisture barrier properties of high-density polyethylene film. It is unaffected by most solvents, strong acids, and alkalies. Incorporating Cortec’s proven Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors, Cor-Pak EX VpCI Film is the ideal solution when a combination of multimetal and mechanical protection is desired.



• Transparent
• Flexible
• Lightweight
• Strength & Conformability
• High Density Polyethylene Substrate
• Low Cost


• Allows visual inspection without unwrapping
• Excellent for interleaving and wrapping
• Concentrated level of VpCI for maximum quick protection
• Priced to compete effectively with VpCI paper
• Easy-to-wrap product

Cor-Pak® EX VpCI® Film

• Low shipping costs
• Film will not tear or puncture when packaging oddly shaped parts
• Universal protection
• Protection against moisture superior to that offered by papers
• Reduces moisture and sulfur contamination found in VPI paper and corrugated containers
• Economical protection
• Extremely effective corrosion inhibitor protection
• Protects ferrous and most non-ferrous metals and alloys
• Environmentally friendly
• Good moisture barrier
• Recyclable

Metals Protected

• Carbon steel
• Galvanized steel
• Stainless steel
• Copper and alloys
• Aluminum and aluminum alloys
• Brass
• Zinc


• Highest performing VpCIs made
• Vapor phase inhibition protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
• If VpCI layer is disturbed by opening the package, protection is restored by closing the package
• Protected parts can be used immediately without degreasing or cleaning
• No spraying, wiping, dipping, or surface preparation of metal required
• Convertible to a wide variety of sizes of liners to protect small or large parts


Cor-Pak EX VpCI Film provides corrosion protection to products, interleaved, wrapped, or shrouded. It represents excellent economical, and aesthetically pleasing replacements for VCI/VPI papers



• Parts and components
• Tools
• Bin and box liners
• Electrical motors and mechanical controls
• Electrical and electronic assemblies and components
• Interleaving of coils and sheets
• Foam-in-place applications
• Bearings
• Interleaving of trays for parts storage/handling


When using Cor-Pak EX VpCIfilm, metal items should be completely wrapped or shrouded to prevent the entry of moisture or air.


Form Extruded high-density polyethylene film
Appearance Transparent film
Thickness 1.0-1.25 mil (25-35 microns



Barrier properties of various packaging materials



*Typical Properties represent average laboratory values and are not intended as specifications but as guides only