VpCI®-329 UV


VpCI®-329 is an oil-based vapor corrosion inhibiting concentrate for use with lubricating, hydraulic, and preservation oils. It provides excellent protection in sheltered outdoor/indoor conditions. VpCI®- 329 protects in two unique ways by offering a tenacious film, which clings to metal surfaces, and vapor phase inhibitors into the air above the oil. The vapors condense and form a protective barrier on metal surfaces that are not in contact with the oil. This combination allows complete protection to internal structure of parts.


VpCI®-329 also comes with a UV tracer, as VpCI®-329 UV. VpCI®- 329 UV shows a bright blue color under UV light (black light), making quality assurance and inspection of rust preventative particularly convenient.



• Contains no hazardous chromates, nitrites, or phosphate inhibitors
• Protects ferrous metals, zinc, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and brass
• Zinc-free
• Compatible with most mineral oils and PAO based fluids
• Can be fogged into metal compartments
• Parts can be dipped and stored
• NATO #6850-66-132-6100 / NSN #6850-01-470-3359


Short-term protection: One part VpCI®-329 to 20 parts oil.

Medium-term protection: One part VpCI®-329 to 10 parts oil.

Long-term protection: One part VpCI®-329 to 5 parts oil.

Storing metal parts: Spray, dip, or brush VpCI®-329 onto metal parts before storage.

•Same for VpCI®-329 UV.

Storage for lubricating, hydraulic, and metal cutting systems:

Add Cortec® VpCI®-329 to oil in engines before storage. For best results, add VpCI®-329 to the oil, then cycle or run the engine for 10 minutes before shutdown. After storage, the engine can be normally operated.

* Agitate before use.




Oil Characteristics  Typical Values
Appearance Opaque Tan Color
Specific Gravity 0.91
Viscosity (ASTM D92) 40°C 51,4 cSt
100°C 8,1 cSt
Index 129
Pour Point (ASTM D6749) -37°C (-35°F)
Flash Point (ASTM D92) 163°C (326°F)
Fire Point (ASTM D92) 164°C (328°F)
Total Acid Number (ASTM D974) mg KOH/g 26.9


Oil Separability
(ASTM D1401) @ 82°C (180 °F)

Oil, ml 0
Water, ml 0
Emulsion, ml 80
Time, dk 60

Foaming Characteristics
(ASTM D892)

Seq. I 365/290/600+
Seq. II 435/350/600+
Seq. III 340/260/600+

Properties listed above are typical of those obtained through normal production and do not constitute a specification. VpCI®-329 is generally soluble in hydrocarbon based fluids, however compatibility and solubility should be verified prior to use. Please contact DEYAP Technical Service for more information


ASTM D-1748                Humidity Cabinet                          600+ Hours
ASTM B117                   Salt Spray                                     100 Hours



VpCI®-329 is packaged in 5 gallon (19 liter) plastic pails, 55 gallon (208 liter) metal drums, totes, and bulk. The product should be sealed before storage. Agitate before each use.

The shelf life of VpCI®-329 is up to 24 months