VpCI -126 Shrink Film


High-tech Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor film protects a wide range of metals from rust, tarnish, stain, white rust and oxidation during storage or domestic and international shipments. VpCI®-126 Shrink Film has excellent sealing properties using sealing temperatures of 190-240 °F (88-116 °C) and shrinks using a wide variety of shrink packaging tools. It is recyclable.


VpCI-126 Shrink Film can replace conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants. You save even more because VpCI-126 Shrink Film will eliminate all the degreasing or coating removal required in the past. Your product can now be used immediately. VpCI-126 is transparent, making it easy to identify parts. Additionally, it does not contain free amines, phosphates, or halogen-based materials and is non-toxic and recyclable.


• Multimetal corrosion inhibition providing contact, barrier, and vapor phase protection
• Excellent sealing properties using sealing temperatures of 190-240OF
• Will shrink using a wide variety of shrink tools
• Transparent, allowing easy visualization
• Excellent film for shrink tunnel applications (depending on temperature and dwell time)
• Film is recyclable and non-hazardous


Multimetal Vpci

Metal parts packaged in VpCI-126 Shrink Film receive continuous protection against salt, excessive humidity, condensation, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres, and dissimilar metal corrosion. The Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors vaporize and condense on all metal surfaces in the enclosed package. VpCI reaches every area of your part, protecting its exterior as well as hard-to-reach interior surfaces. You get complete product protection during storage as well as during domestic and overseas shipments virtually eliminating any rust claims.


• Aluminum • Galvanized Steel
• Carbon Steel • Silicon Steel
• Stainless Steel • Silver
• Copper • Solder
• Brass


The shelf life of VpCI-126 film is 2 years


VpCI-126 Shrink Film is available in a standard size at 20’ x 100’ x 0.006” rolls. (6.1m x 30.5m x 150µ)
Contact a DEYAP Representative for other sizes and constructions.

Now available in widths up to 30’ (9.2m)


Application Instructions

Shrink Wrapping
1. Measure unit and determine amount of film needed, allowing at least 12” overlap at all seams.
2. Lay out film in desired preparation area, making sure it is clean and dry.
3. Place vehicle or equipment on film.
4. Pad off any sharp edges and corners.
5. Wrap or shroud equipment with film.
6. Use shrink tape to attach loose ends onto film/ equipment.
7. Carefully apply heat and shrink film to desired fit


Shrink Tunnel
VpCI-126 Shrink film can be used in shrink tunnel applications; however, the optimum temperature, speed and dwell time will vary depending on equipment and must be determined with testing. Recommended starting point settings

Temperature range: 350-380° F (177 – 193 °C)
Speed: Low
Dwell time: 20-30 seconds

*Note: May require two passes through tunnel to
achieve desired fit